Would you like to support the Chemhacker STM project?

Chemhacker periodic tableI’ve been asked this question a few times in the past week – how can someone support the Chemhacker STM project?

Here’s the easiest way: purchase a periodic table! I designed them myself, they are accurate to 5 significant figures and even contain Copernicium, the newest element! You can’t do chemistry without a periodic table.

So if you’re having trouble combating sentient grey goo, you should support the Chemhacker STM project by purchasing a periodic table!

$25 and ship worldwide for free.


Transmissometry: lasers and concentration

I’m starting up a company that makes a campfire scented cologne (I’m actually producing the smoke part of the fragrance myself).  I recently ran into a problem that only open source hardware could solve: figuring out concentration using just how much light my samples absorb.

Here is a blog post with details, schematics, photos, and source code.

Here is a video we shot (with the support of Element 14) to show how the device works:

Transmissometer from Pumping Station: One on Vimeo.


Now for sale: Periodic Tables of the Elements

I had a lot of fun making these ChemHacker styled periodic tables – the project was very educational – both through studying the periodic table closely and learning to use Inkscape more.

They are digital prints on laminated card stock – $7 each with free shipping to the continental USA.

More details on the Periodic Table Page.

I’ll have a few samples to show off at Maker Faire this weekend!