This project is no longer active

Hello and thanks for visiting!

Unfortunately, you’re looking at an archive of projects I worked on and/or completed.  I’m leaving this all up for now for historical purposes, but if you want to see the latest things I’m working on, Chemhacker isn’t the best place any more.

There are a lot of reasons for the change, but the biggest two are:

1) “Chemhacker” doesn’t really describe me.  I work on a lot more things than just chemistry and science, and I found the title to be stifling to blog under.

2) “Chemhacker” kinda came to mean that STM project I stopped working on quite some time ago.  I stopped working on it because STMs are really difficult to do well and I found other problems that interested me more, and so I moved elsewhere.

If you’re interested in seeing the things I work on now, here are places where I’m publishing my projects:

Blog  << primary outlet of things I do

Twitter << side outlet, thoughts, what I’m reading, etc




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