STM Version 0.3 electronics on the way

This is just a quick note: I’m currently breadboarding version 0.3 of the STM electronics – Hopefully I’ll have photos and results shortly thereafter.

New features of this version:

  • 100% of John Alexanders’ analog STM design has been replaced with all-digital controls
  • Greatly simplified electronics (but more complicated firmware)
  • Microcontroller manages four channels: X, Y, Z movement, plus sample bias
  • Teensy microcontroller (though the design is pretty microcontroller-agnostic at this point)
  • Firmware tunneling current detection and PID control of Z height

Thanks to Steve F., and Efrain O. for their extremely valuable input to this revision.


One Response to “STM Version 0.3 electronics on the way”

  1. Johannes says:

    Cheering for you! Glad you still find the project invigorating.