1 year STM project anniversary

It’s now been a year since I first decided to start building an STM in my spare time – this project has taken me all over the country and I’ve learned a huge amount.

I haven’t had much to talk about lately because:

1) I’ve been focusing on hardware upgrades that improve efficiency and speed in not-immediately-obvious ways (look for the teensy at the botom of the picture, and the shiny new chips near it).

2) Since I’m working on signal path stuff, I had a pause while my new DSO nano (at the top of the photo) shipped from overseas.

3) I’ve been completing other projects so I can refocus on the Z signal path with fewer distractions.

Thanks very much to my friends Mitch Altman, Jordan Bunker, Camo, Steve Finklestein, Ian Spielman, and everyone else who took me seriously enough to help me push this project down the road towards reality in 2010!  Here’s to a productive 2011!


3 Responses to “1 year STM project anniversary”

  1. Johannes says:

    Glad you are still finding it interesting. Wish you the best of luck!

  2. Joseph says:

    Are you dead?? ;-)